steve-small-1Born and raised in Norfolk, Steve’s first serious venture into music was during the Sixties as vocalist with a couple of local bands, playing Village Halls, Youth Clubs, and just about anywhere people would gather to hear live music. As with most bands from those days the play lists would include a mix of musical trends, Rock & Roll, currant hit parade songs (now-a-days that would be called chart material) and Country numbers from the great American Country artists. Steve’s particular favourites from the USA were Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Hank Williams, Ricky Nelson  & Roy Orbison, while his top choices in UK were The Hollies, The Fortunes and Billy Fury. No surprise then that songs with meaningful lyrics, good melody, and strong harmonies have always been part of Steve’s repertoire.  Steve wanted to play an instrument and set about learning to play drums, studying and practicing at every opportunity to make them his first instrument, and reaching the point where he was a much sought after musician / vocalist. Luckily that trend  continued  for many years and more recently returning to his roots in country music Steve has again been able to do what he does best, play his guitars, sing his songs, and entertain his audience.
Now here’s the name dropping bit.
james-elliot-band-smallInto the Seventies, and several bands later Steve was living in Kent gigging locally and all over the Southern and Home Counties as Drummer / Vocalist with his own bands, “Three Piece Suite” a trio with Lenny Turner and Dave Pettit and moving onto “Fresh”. The latter started as a four piece band with Steve, Lenny, Melvin Wallace (later to play with top country singer Johnny Young) and Steve Alexander. Lenny and Melvin left to create chart band Barracuda (Hot Summer Girls) so the two Steves were joined by Brian Corsie playing Bass and continued to be one of the top bands in the area. Steve also played with various “Opening Acts” and backing bands for touring Artistes giving him the chance to work with some great acts. This was a theme that continued after moving back to Norfolk in the Mid Seventies where Steve played locally with “The James Elliott Band”, “Sillouette”, and “Ramsey Lane”. Steve had now learned to play guitar and Keyboards playing with some top local musicians including, Ronnie Pitt, (Double Whiskey) Paul Tinkler (Part Time Blues Band) George McKay (Lee Vasey) and later with top function band “Next” (lots of free advertising there but the band was going long before the clothing chain) which featured Steve, Dennis Scott and later, George Evison (drums), John Cork (bass) and John Worfolk (lead guitar).

Steve had now taken up Guitar, and  Keyboards very seriously, but it was always the singing that was the real passion, and it was this passion together with his musical ability and desire to create a good show that guided him into a Solo career, travelling extensively and playing with, for, and along side some truly memorable Artistes and musicians.

solid-gold-country-smallThroughout his career Steve has performed all genres within his playlists but it’s always been Country Music that’s held the greatest attraction. Steve’s Solo Show features everything you’d expect from a top musician / vocalist, that means great Country songs from great Country artistes, and a lot more besides, all with superb backings performed by Steve through top quality equipment to produce a great full band sound. What separates Steve from a lot of other artistes is that everything he performs in the solo show he can play live either acoustically  with just his guitars or with his band.  John Worfolk or “Worfy” as he’s affectionately known and Steve have been playing off and on for over fourty years and are now the hub of “Solid Gold” which also features John Cork playing Bass.

For the record Steve plays Fender Strat, and Adam Black  guitars on stage, all through Fender back line, and high quality RCF PA system.

Steve has 2 CD's out at the moment, "Over the Rainbow" which features a mix of Country and other requested favourites from his shows, while the new CD is "Five O'Clock Somewhere" and that as you may guess from the title is all country.

Hopefully the story continues so keep looking.

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