Thought I'd better have a look at this page as things have changed quite a bit just recently. As some of you will know I've had quite a bad time health wise since October so had to cancel everything. My apologies to evryone for short notice but really had no options. Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes, and to all the fellow artistes, agents and promoters who helped me sort out difficult situations. It would seem that I am at last on a road to recovery so hopefully I'll be able to get back to some shows a bit later in the year, and I will stay in touch with any venues already booked to keep you up to date with plenty of notice if I'm unable to perform, which I don't expect to be the case, but you just never know do you? On a more possitive note we are hoping to perform more with the band this year so please keep an eye out for "Solid Gold" playing near you and come along to say hello.



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